Amy And Jayla Enjoy A Petaled Lesbian Breakfast

Amy And Jayla Enjoy A Petaled Lesbian Breakfast


Amy Douxxx wakes up from her rest in the morning just to find herself surrounded with rose petals all over the bed. What a nice surprise she thinks, who could it have been? When she discovered that those romantic parts of the flower leads somewhere - as it is on the floor as well - a journey begins. The leads on the floor ends in the living room where her breakfast is served. This is the most important meal of the day - some say, so let's get to it. She ate those sandwiches very classy, with utensils. And when she finished it, Jayla De Angelis appears. She has an offering to her, a gift. Amy opens the box and finds some sexy lingerie inside. Let's try it on - she thinks and immediately acts on it. These lovers like to pamper themselves if every morning looks like this with them. Gifts exchanged and rose petaled surroundings are made? We all envy such romantic home they made here! Anyways when Amy tried those panties on Jayla gets turned on hard seeing what she sees. Sending signals - let's have sex! I like your body! And she is in the right. What not to love? Great shapes and some tasteful tats on that body. Real girlfriend material to anyone really. Jayla should consider herself lucky. When Amy is half naked she invites Jayla back to the bedroom to return the favor it seems and have sex - and you don't have to ask Jayla twice to follow her. She laied out those petals for a reason. They fully undress eachother with sensual licks and kisses complementing that process. Some regular lesbian lovemaking occours just as lovers do. Fingers are in the action sliding into their vaginas mutually. Also tongues gets inside those pussies real deep. Eatout seems to be the favorite activity here frankly - which again not suprising. Both girls have some excellently looking, inviting pussy actually. Jayla is the first to help Amy reach climax with some intense clit stimulation and deep fingering. At the end, they lay on top of eachother, just enjoying their presence. A lovely couple have a lovely, spiced up morning with some breakfast in this scene. The rose petals really gave a frame for the whole thing, and it was a really nice touch from Jayla to put those out for her lover!
Tags: american, dildos/toys, kissing, lesbian, orgasm, pussy licking, teen
Models: Amy Douxxx, Jaya De Angelis
Length: 28:14
Published: 06 Jan 2023

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