Babysitter Be Crushin

Babysitter Be Crushin


You're wife just left you for another man. Part of you doesn't care, because you guys quit paying attention to one another a long time ago. Which is about the time Allie Addison started babysitting for you. She just turned 18, and since you and Allie have known each other a long time, Allie knows when you're stressed. And a little depressed. Allie loves ""vinyl records"", and she's been asking to play some of your records a long time. She's also flirted with you a long time, and you suddenly realize Today's The Day. Allie starts with a little strip tease show to an old, burlesque record, and it doesn't take long for your dick to end up in her hand! Since it's a ""handie"", no biggie...right? But every once in a while, you know Allie's gonna ""make it a little wet"" using her eager mouth. Which, you both know, will lead to next week's BJ...I mean ""babysitter job""!
Tags: cum in mouth, handjob, pov, swallow, teen
Models: Allie Addison
Length: 18:48
Published: 27 Oct 2016

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