Czech Teen Pouring Piss All Over Her Own Body

Czech Teen Pouring Piss All Over Her Own Body


Lien doesn't necessarily look like the type who is into pissy play. Looking at a photo of her, she could come off as just another ordinary girl. But this is nowhere near the case. When Lien takes her hands and spread her snatch open, you can see deep into her hole. She seduces your cock by slowly building up to the moment. When her pretty little snatch just can't hold it in any longer the pee begins to fly. While getting dirty behind the scenes, naughty little Lien smiles while making her pussy wet and getting her fingers soaked with the bodily fluid. She will also aim her hot juices into a bowl so that afterwards she can take a taste. Lien will then finish off by finger fucking her hot pussy until she is cumming on her fingers.
Tags: brunette, dildos/toys, fingering, masturbation, pissing, small tits, solo, squirting, teen
Models: Lyen Parker
Length: 17:23
Published: 08 Jul 2020

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