Nicole Ray Thinks She Is On A Casting

Nicole Ray Thinks She Is On A Casting


Shy teen Nicole Ray appears to be what she thinks an adult movie casting. Very carefully enters the room, looking at all the people on the set... She is nervous, you can tell! She really thinks that she came for a casting / audition for an adult movie of sorts. The interviewer notices her great looking smile, and that also she is nervous. On the other hand, she removes her clothes rather easily, and without much nodding, so she came mentally prepared for sure... Being just in her lingerie, it is obvious that her great looking, muscular and tight ass is just something you would never forget. Some demonstration starts, where she performs her great talents of probably cheerleading, but more importantly during that little session of ""... got talent"" we can have an idea about her nice tits. An introduction to a guy on set, with whom probably she will have sex during this audition leads to immediate petting-action. She agreed to do a little bit more than just dressing down, so why not... Bras come down first, which makes certain what we already thought - her breasts look great. Some resistance appeared about grabbing the tits bit too hard, but immediately after that she just bend on her knees and started sucking this random guy's cock. So we really do not know what is in this girl's head about being shy and such, but works for us, as we enjoy the visuals. She tries to do some deepthroating, but it is maybe too much for her. She definitely did it before, because she has expertees, but maybe that dick is just too big for her. Anyhow, she looks very deep into the camera during the sucking, so we became a part of the action - thanks for that! Her incredibly sexy body moves together with her sucking moves, which is a super turn on. Remember those times, in your very early twenties, when you had girlfriends in their late teens? Tight ass, cute pussy and such? Nicole Ray is that kind of girl! Once her panties also get removed, it is just apparent. She also is super horny, always ready for action... Her pussy already is dripping wet! No time to waste, after some closer examination of her innocent looking, a bit meaty pussy with that guy's tongue, initial penetration happens in missionary (classic!) style. She caresses her nice boobies during that, and seemingly she does enjoy that, even though she was super lost just a bit earlier and shy about all that situation... Next position is doggy, and oh my, kudos to that guy not exploding right on entry... That ass and pussy is just super sexy. Simply perfect. The camera sometimes moves to the front of her, probably for us to show her tits in motion. Good work with that camera, love it! Once done with doggy, they land on the bed and the guy is in control by pounding her pussy in reverse cowgirl. Doing that, he also grabs on her ass, widening it a bit, so the penetration is deep. Note, how the camera lens became a bit wet from her juices! Same juices dripping down on the guys cock, messing a bit up the bed as well... That is hot, period. Doggy on the bed coming up, moving from the couch. She spread her legs more this time, as there is space doing that, so the entry area became wider. Christ this girl is athletic! Next - legs high up in the air laying on their sides. Not sure what to look at really - her great pussy fucked deep and quick or her great round tits reacting to that movement? As a bonus, we can throw in her face with her expressions as well, just to make things even more complicated... Anyhow, our guy had enough, and can't stand it anymore. His load lands on her belly and tits. And a significant amount of jizz also landed on the bed. It turns out this is an issue, so as the ruin of the camera lens. Therefore she was dismissed without a job offer... Oops! Better luck next time wink-wink
Tags: 69, big cock, blowjob, brunette, deepthroat, doggystyle, orgasm, piercing, pussy licking, teen
Models: Nicole Ray
Length: 30:00
Published: 12 May 2021

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