Teen Gets Banged From Behind

Teen Gets Banged From Behind


The weather is terrible outside, and Lexy Gold is looking for a dry, warm place where she can stay. A stroke of luck comes her way when she realizes a friend lives not far away. How should a girl thank a friend for giving her a place to stay? The way Lexy says thank you is by sucking his cock. She only intended on giving him a blowjob, but things spiraled out of control from there. A guy can't control himself after receiving a blowjob from a teen as gorgeous as she is. Plus, she's starting to get turned on by the hard cock in her mouth. It's like both of them thought of having sex at the same time. Just like clockwork, they get down to do the deed, and he gets to enjoy the tight firm grip of a young energized pussy.
Tags: blowjob, brunette, cumshot, doggystyle, fingering, handjob, hardcore, masturbation, pussy licking, reality, small tits, teen
Models: Lexy Gold
Length: 14:44
Published: 02 Feb 2019

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