Nerdy Asian Girlfriend Getting Banged

Nerdy Asian Girlfriend Getting Banged


Meet Rogue Coco, this nerdy little girlfriend of ours. Have all the qualities an ideal girlfriend would have, and probably even more. Super cute face with the sweetest smile ever, nice figure on the body and the glasses makes her the complete package. She starts cheerfully teasing a bit on and around the bed in front of her boyfriend. She looks cheerful, and that she enjoys herself. Giving all the love-looks to that guy. That in itself already is a turn on... They slowly start to make out, just so their clothes can get off. The bra comes off as well, and those perky little tits surfaces. Oh my, the innocent ages... Brings back all the memories, huh?! Things get heated up more, when her panty also gets down. We knew, and saw how greatly shaped of an ass she has, but no can have an inside vision as well. Looks yummy and perfect. He eats her out, and gives a little fingering, before his cock comes out of his pants. They start fucking right after this happens. Missionary is the lover's position, and as they look like a couple, they start that way. They have a nice vibe, they resonate with each other. They probably really are a couple, and not just faking it?! That makes this scene really hot... She definitely loves being fucked by this guy. They switch poses relatively quick, including that time, when she rode his dong. That time, her muscles dominated and controlled the action, and have to say, she did great. Also that small body of hers accepts that big cock really well inside - it goes deep inside. They finish off doggystyle, what they both enjoy really much for sure. It is understandable, since it looks really hot - both parties look adorable and a real turnon their presence together. For the big finish she tries to milk that guy laying on the bed. Jerking that dick real hard, and sucks it as well - a moment we missed so much before that, the blowjob. Shame that this girl is not around anymore it seems, because we would really love to see her in more and more AND MORE scenes!
Tags: asian, blowjob, cowgirl, doggystyle, glasses, hardcore, orgasm, pussy licking, small tits, teen
Models: Rouge Coco
Length: 25:22
Published: 18 May 2021

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