Sharon White Is Back To Tease

Sharon White Is Back To Tease


Cute bosomed Sharon White is back for some more teasing. This time she features a nice silk-rope type of dress with her favorite long socks. Her nice breasts peeked out from the beginning from this loose rope which of course is a great tease on it's own. Her hair looks freshly washed, almost still wet. When she is touching her bottom you don't really know what to look out for - those great legs with the colorful socks on or that greatly shaped ass. She works out for sure. One just simply does not have that perfectly shaped ass without doing anything. Once the rope comes off she looks deep into your eye. ""You want a piece of this?"" she asks. ""Come and get it!"" she continues. We really want to go and get it... Anyhow with socks still on and legs up in the sky she starts fingering herself. Her pussy is already wet as her fingers slip in and out quickly. After she strokes that pussy she licks her fingers. Do you also feel the taste of her pussy? Back to that perfectly shaped ass - she pushes it to our faces and starts to finger herself that way. We have a little peak from that position onto her also greatly shaped - and perfectly done I must add - boobs as well. When she felt it was enough she was back on her knees touching a little bit of her tits and nipples. A relatively new position is when she basically fucked the pillow on the bed. A way of masturbation we rarely see. Do you want to be that pillow? Did you notice how the muscles in her butt and thigh worked hard to feel that pillow between her legs? When she leaves the pillow she starts to squeeze her pussy between her fingers. Another rarity. This way she stimulates her clit I assume while also entering the vagina with her fingers. Genius! She is well experienced in self pleasuring for sure... But how come a girl like she is often alone so she has the chance to practice? Or is she a nympho? Either way - we benefit from it... At the end she experiences a climax with quick and hard fingerings and lays down on the bed with satisfaction. She did not lose eye contact though. Love it!
Tags: blonde, fingering, masturbation, orgasm, solo, teen
Models: Sharon White
Length: 29:11
Published: 18 Jan 2023

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