Odette Delacroix Teeny Tiny Tugger

Odette Delacroix Teeny Tiny Tugger


I bet you didn't know this, but when you look up ""spinner"" in the dictionary, there's a picture of Odette Delacroix. I'm kidding, of course...but really, there should be. Odette is a fetish model, and she's a shade under 5 feet tall, and after a big Thanksgiving meal she might tip the scales at 90 pounds. What's this all mean? Teeny Tiny Tugger really is a teeny, tiny little slut. And make no mistake about it, Odette's one slutty slut-slut. She knows what to say to push your buttons, and after she pushes them all a handful of times, her face ends up a sticky, gooey mess. You know what I love best? Pop shots that wind up in their hair. Yea, I'm a fuckin' perv. Oh! If you're a Twitter Hound like me, she's @OdetteDelacroix! Check out her time line!
Tags: blonde, cumshot, facial, handjob, pov, small tits, teen
Models: Odette Delacroix
Length: 15:18
Published: 30 Dec 2014

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